Loyalty, Rewards, Recognition and Incentives are a hot topic and for some organisations it can be a strategic competitive advantage, and for others its an unnecessary cost.

This resource is dedicated to observations, discussions and insights on how organisations can activate Business to Business Rewards programs and Make Rewards Work.

Our writer’s have a long history with a range of perspectives in the design and execution of Rewards, Recognition and Incentive programs.

Our content is organized under three sections – “Articles”, “Thoughts” and “Videos”:

  • Articles: Original articles jointly produced by 212F and Acclaim Rewards discussing a range of topics on improving customer loyalty, increasing channel sales and staff engagement. The objective is to bring about new perspective on these business issues for our readers.
  • Thoughts: Various Contributors, with experience ranging from Advertising , ICT, Automotive and Hardware distribution share their unique insights and standpoints on topics relating to organizational challenges and the industry.
  • Videos: The editorial team seeks out thought-provoking videos relating to change behaviour with the objective of encouraging readers to re-think business issues from a fresh angle.

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